Monday, January 15, 2007

beaded sweater

This little cutie was so fun to
make, actually quite
addicting. I saw something
similar in an ad in a
jewelry magazine and just
had to figure out how to make one. I could have bought a
pattern for $50.00, but instead chose the challenge of
trying to figure it out on my own. I'm not really a beader,
so I may have invented my own stitches...I think I used a
ladder stitch, but I may have altered it a bit. It took me a
while to bead, but the actual shaping was pretty easy.
Now I need to make another one and record what
I'm doing as I go.

hand-dyed and felted bags

This was my first experience with hand-dyeing
a variegated yarn. The colors are actually more
brownish than they appear in the photo. I've
made a bunch of these little bags, as you can see.

This is pretty much the same bag, just
different colors. I used some egg dyes
on this one.

This one is somewhat bulb shaped.

I call this tiny bulb bag my little onion.
I love bags!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

my first dye and felt project

This is an Interweave subscriber-only
pattern. I really enjoyed making this
bag. I dyed all the yarn using kool-aid
and food coloring; the colors came out
clear and vibrant. The pattern worked
up quickly and the piece felted very
well. I was a little nervous about the
colors running, but there was no
problem with that at all.