Thursday, February 14, 2008

bunny love

Here's my new friend. I just love her, she's so cute!
I think she needs some bunny buddies.
She's a modification to Fuzzy Mitten's Fuzzy Lamb,
with my version of a cozy bunny hoodie.
Find the free pattern at

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

leaf beads

These were my first (and and only, so far) attempt at polymer leaf beads. One cane made tons of beads. I still have about 8" or so of the cane left. I just love how they came out. I haven't used them yet--I'm waiting for some inspiration.

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blue flower bag

I use this bag all the time. It is also made from a rescued wool sweater and purse handles. The bag was made by felting the body of the sweater. The flowers were knit up using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and dyed with egg dyes so that the color graduates from light to dark in the flowers' centers. The flowers were also felted after they were sewn together. It's lined with a fun blue fabric with bright green polka dots. Posted by Picasa

sweater bags

I made these two bags from a wool sweater I rescued from a thrift store. I felted it and used the sleeves for the bag on the top and the body for the tote bag on the bottom. The handles for the tote are also recycled from a straw bag I found at the same store. They are both lined with suit weight wool fabric.
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self-striping socks

Here's another of my polymer stitch markers. I just love it!
I dyed this recycled sweater yarn using a really huge skein-the length of my living room. These are my first attempt at toe up socks...actually my second since had to rip it out the first time.

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ribbed pullover

On my needles for a while now, is this "Ribbed Pullover" from Pam Allen-Vogue Knitting
American Collection.
Once again, I'm using a recycled yarn; this time a cotton tape yarn from a couple new sweaters I found drastically reduced. I'm such a treasure hunter...

Here are a few of my polymer stitch markers. I just love them--they're so easy and fun to make and use.

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my favorite coat

I love these polymer buttons I made for this sweater coat. I just knew I wouldn't find any I would like, so decided to make my own. The coat pattern is "Not Your Mother's Suit Coat" from Susan Melville. I used four strands of yarn-2 mohair, a tape, and some fisherman wool I custom dyed to match. It worked up very quicky due to the guage--my kind of project--immediate gratification. It's super bulky and very warm.
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Silver Belle

Here it is all finished. I'm really happy with how it came out. I did make a few modifications to the pattern--a cabled band instead of a collar, lengthened the peplum a bit, and narrowed the sleeves. It's made from J. Crew man's sweater I found in a thrift store for $4.00! It's very comfy and I wear it a bunch.